This website is a community-driven project. We have most of our code open-source on our GitHub.
We are also on Discord, feel free to join us and contribute to the development or ask any questions you may have.

Bug Reports, Feature Request and Contributions

This is a community project. We rely on your feedback, reports and ideas.
You can report the things on our Discord or directly on GitHub
You can see the development contributions on our GitHub.

Data Sources

Live data from Relic servers.
Player Cards
Live data from Relic servers mixed with data from our database.
Stats Data
Data from our database. Updated daily ~6 AM UTC unless specified otherwise.
Data Scraping
COH3 does not provide Live Games API as in COH2. We are unable to track live games, and therefore all the games played on the platform as we do on coh2stats.com.
We are able to track only matches, where there is at least one player who has changed his rank.
Such matches are ingested into the system and counted in the stats.

You can download the data we are scraping. More info on Open Data page.
All the data for units, DPS calculators, faction overviews are generated directly from the game files. There are often a bugs in the COH source files, please report any problems you find to us. Thank you

API Usage / Collaboration

We are open for collaboration / sharing the data. Check out our Open Data page. Or reach out to us on Discord.
Its forbidden to use our API or scrape the site without previous consulting!

Donate and support us

Thank you all who already supported the project!
Actually you can support us in many ways. Bug reports, ideas or directly with code!
But money for covering the server costs is also appreciated. So we can run this site without any ads.

All the donations are used for covering the server costs and expenses for running the site.
Our goal is to run the site as long as Relic servers are running for both coh2 and coh3.

Donation message:
If possible, please mention your profile ID and mention coh3 or coh2 in your message. I am planning some perks for donators in the future.

All the donations are listed at Ko-Fi:
You can Donate via PayPal or Card at Ko-Fi, no registration required.
Direct PayPal if you have problems with Ko-Fi: