COH3 Stats - Player Export in CSV

API for tournament organizers.

This API provides access to players leaderboard stats in CSV format which you can easily import in an Excel sheet.
Export the data via this link:["1v1"]&profileIDs=[3705,871,6219,108833,61495,1287]
Parameter types can be ["1v1", "2v2", "3v3", "4v4"].
Parameter profileIDs is an array of Relic profile IDs. You can find them on COH3 Stats player cards.
Example of how to import the data into Google Sheets is here.

Example output:

If you require the data for your tournament in a different format or have any other inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us on Discord.
A shoutout to in your tournament would be awesome. Thank you!
Please note that this API is designed for use in tournaments or with a limited number of players. It is not intended for programmatic use. For any API collaboration head over to our Discord.